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Nature 605 (2022) 222-224

Stop squandering data: make units of measurement machine-readable

Auteurs :

Hanisch R., Chalk S., Coulon R., Cox S., Emmerson S., Flamenco Sandoval F.J., Forbes A., Frey J., Hall B., Hartshorn R., Heus P., Hodson S., Hosaka K., Hutzschenreuter D., Kang C.-S., Picard S., White R.

Nature Phys. 16 (2020) 114-119

Trustworthy data underpin reproducible research

Nature Phys. 14 (2018) 868

A short story on length

J. Res. Natl Inst. Stan. 123 (2018) 123021

How to define the units of the revised SI starting from seven constants with fixed numerical values (an updated version of Rapport BIPM-2018/02)

Am. J. Phys. 85 (2017) 364-368

Determining the value of the fine-structure constant from a current balance: Getting acquainted with some upcoming changes to the SI

Proc. International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" 196 (2017) 171-186

International recognition of NMI calibration and measurement capabilities: The CIPM MRA

Auteurs :

Andy Henson

Proc. International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" 196 (2017) 187-201

On the proposed re-definition of the SI: "for all people for all time"

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 374 (2016) 20150037

The kelvin redefinition and its mise en pratique

Auteurs :

Fellmuth B., Fischer J., Machin G., Picard S., Steur P.P.M., Tamura O., White D.R., Yoon H.

J. Chem. Educ. 92 (2015) 1604-1609

What is a kilogram in the Revised International System of Units (SI)?

e-medida 8 (2015) 51-62

El Acuerdo de Reconocimiento Mutuo del Comité Internacional de Pesas y Medidas (ARM-CIPM): pasado, presente y futuro

Auteurs :

Andy Henson

Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 101102

Improved determination of G using two methods

Auteurs :

Quinn T., Parks H., Speake C., Davis R.

Phys. Educ. 48 (2013) 601-606

A simple watt balance for the absolute determination of mass

Measure 7 (2012) 62-70

Economic impact of equivalence of measurement standards

OIML Bulletin LII (2011) 5-12

SI units – Proposed change to the definition of the kilogram: Consequences for legal metrology

Nature 468 (2010) 181-183

Nature News & Views: Big G revisited