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Rapport BIPM-2019/05

Principles governing photometry

Auteurs :


Rapport BIPM-2018/02

How to define the base units of the revised SI from seven constants with fixed numerical values

Rapport BIPM-2015/01

The CIPM MRA: Past, present and future

Auteurs :

Andy Henson

Rapport BIPM-2011/02

Study of Measurement Service and Comparison Needs for an International Measurement Infrastructure for the Biosciences and Biotechnology: Input for the BIPM Work Programme

Rapport BIPM-2010/06

Report on the BIPM Workshop on Metrology at the Nanoscale (18-19 February 2010)

Auteurs :

Steele A.G., Viallon J., Hatto P., Janssen T.J.B.M., Knight A., Locascio L., Miles J.R., Morazzani V., Prins S., Unger W.

Rapport BIPM-2010/05

Report on the BIPM Workshop on Physiological Quantities and SI Units (16-17 November 2009)

Auteurs :

Kühne M., Thomas C.