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BIPM work programme - Digital transformation and new digital services

Strategic overview

  • To develop a set of new high-quality web services that provide access to the data and on line tools provided by the BIPM.
    • To support the needs for interoperable and reusable data services that are machine actionable.
    • To develop and publish an Appendix to the SI Brochure addressing Core SI Data topics.
    • To establish a working group to progress the digital transformation of BIPM services amongst the BIPM staff and including seconded experts from NMIs and liaison organizations when possible.
  • To support the continuous development of the FAIR SI Digital Framework and other CIPM initiatives addressing the
    • To develop a web portal based on the International Metrology Resource Registry (IMRR) to be able to meet needs for access to FAIR metrological data, Digital Calibration Certificates (DCCs) and other digital information that is key to the world-wide metrology community. To support the CIPM with the development of consensus on guidelines for FAIR implementation of data and metadata in metrology. To develop appropriate services of benefit for a wide section of the metrology community and their stakeholders – to become an ‘anchor of trust’.
  • To support the development of the NMI community by building the global capacity for digital transformation.
    • Organize and deliver capacity-building events focusing on digital transformation.
    • Promote the CIPM’s work on the use of the FAIR principles at NMIs.
    • Hold regular webinars on topics of digital transformation.
    • Work with the RMOs to facilitate the sharing of best practice (including case studies) amongst NMIs.


Digital Transformation CIPM Forum on Metrology and Digitalization

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