CBKT - Strategic overview

BIPM work programme - Capacity Broadening and Knowledge Transfer

Strategic overview

  • To reinforce the international metrology system and to “balance the load” amongst the NMIs and support effective engagement with the international metrology community in developing countries. To support the efficient operation of the global measurement system.
    • To agree and implement a sustainable and balanced funding model that facilitates effective load sharing, based on programme funding and sponsorship for CBKT activities that can address different levels of need related to both the metrology system (CIPM MRA, JCTLM, UTC etc) and also specific laboratory expertise from the BIPM laboratories.
    • Adapt the funding model in response to the CIPM’s proposed initiative to encourage engagement by the remaining 80 or so nations that do not currently participate. This will be done in close collaboration with the RMOs.
  • To support NMIs from Countries and Economies with Emerging Metrology Systems (CEEMS) to engage appropriately and effectively with the international measurement system.
    • To respond to the expected CGPM initiative to increase world-wide participation in the activity of the BIPM.
    • To explore, with the RMOs, the concept of an integrated mentoring tool.
  • To sustain a programme for visiting/seconded scientists to (and from) the BIPM.
    • To promote a timetable of opportunities for visiting scientists to take part in the work of all the BIPM laboratories. To develop laboratory-based knowledge transfer activities in the BIPM laboratories.


CBKT programme

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