Membres d'un groupe de travail

CCTF Working Group on TAI (CCTF-WGTAI)


Mme Marina Gertsvolf

Cheffe d'équipe, fréquence et temps

National Research Council of Canada



Mme Patrizia Tavella

Bureau international des poids et mesures


cctf-wgtai members


  • Représentants de chacune des organisations suivantes :
    • CIPM
    • UAI
    • URSI
    • UIT-R
  • Directeur du BIPM
  • Personne responsable du TAI au BIPM
  • Représentants des laboratoires contribuant au calcul du TAI


Termes de référence

The mandate of the CCTF WGTAI is as follows:

  • to examine the remarks and requirements expressed by the users of TAI;
  • to prepare guidelines for the improvement of the service of TAI and to report on these to the CCTF, and
  • to establish temporary ad hoc study groups to analyse specific problems, whenever necessary; these study groups should report to the working group.

The said mandate should extend to Coordinated Universal Time UTC.

The working group should normally work by correspondence addressed to the Chair, and should meet annually at the Chair's request, if possible.

The Working Group on TAI should work closely with all the other CCTF working groups to harmonize the overall contributions to TAI.

The BIPM provides the permanent secretariat for the working group.

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