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CCTF Working Group on Time Scale Algorithms (CCTF-WG-ALGO)


Mme Yuko Hanado

Applied Electromagnetic Research Institute, Space-Time Standards Laboratory

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology



Mme Gianna Panfilo

Bureau international des poids et mesures



Termes de référence

  • to promote and support the development and improvement of the mathematical algorithms for the treatment of Time and Frequency measures used to establish a time scale, to characterize clock behaviour, or to any other applications that may arise;
  • to help the dissemination of the developed algorithms and tools for allowing their correct use in Time and Frequency metrology;
  • to support the modernization and the improvement, whenever necessary, of the TAI algorithm,
  • to assist developing or new laboratories in the correct understanding and implementation of the Time and Frequency algorithms;
  • to support the correct understanding and application of time algorithms also in other fields (e.g. navigation, telecommunication) where they may be necessary;
  • to establish temporary ad hoc study groups to analyse some specific problems, whenever necessary; these study groups should report to the working group;
  • to organize the "Time Scale Algorithm Symposium" as a means to support the scientific community to identify new needs, to devise, develop, and disseminate algorithms.

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Réunion Passée

  • 17
  • juillet
  • 2020

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  • Du 09 au 11
  • novembre
  • 2015

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