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Réunion du CCRI(I) (2009)

13 au 15 mai 2009


Documents de travail

  • Draft agenda
    P. Allisy 17/04/2009
  • Report of the CCRI President to the 2007 CIPM
    G. Moscati 13/02/2009
  • APMP/TCRI Activity Summary
    Ming-Chen Yuan 27/03/2009
  • Report of the SIM laboratories to the CCRI(I)
    S. Seltzer 27/03/2009
  • AFRIMETS Report to the CCRI
    Z. Msimang 25/03/2009
  • Recent dosimetry activities at the NIST
    S. Seltzer 27/03/2009
  • Progress report from the PTB department of Radiation Protection Dosimetry
    P.Ambrosi 09/04/2009
  • PTB report on fundamentals of dosimetry
    H. Rabus 09/04/2009
  • EURAMET RI TC Report
    I. Csete 15/04/2009
  • Update on the NIST second-generation room-temperature water calorimeter
    H. Chen-Mayer 15/04/2009
  • Update on NIST beta-particle dosimetry standards and calibrations
    C.G. Soares 15/04/2009
  • An update on the NIST program for Cs-137 and Co-60 gamma-ray beams
    R. Minniti 15/04/2009
  • NIST low-energy photon brachytherapy standards and calibrations
    M.G. Mitch 15/04/2009
  • Update on NIST air-kerma standards and calibrations
    M. OBrien 15/04/2009
  • IRS-NRC Dosimetry activities report
    C. Ross 16/04/2009
  • Progress report on photon dosimetry at the CMI
    V. Sochor 17/04/2009
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry at the NPL
    P. Sharpe 20/04/2009
  • Update on NIST radiation-processing (high-dose) dosimetry services
    M.F. Desrosiers 20/04/2009
  • NIST-sponsored comparison of standards for absorbed dose to water (radiation processing levels)
    M.F. Desrosiers 20/04/2009
  • Report to the CCRI(I) from the ENEA-INMRI on photon and charged particle dosimetry 2007-2009
    R. F. Laitano 08/06/2009
  • Progress report of the VNIIM
    A. Villevalde 23/04/2009
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry standards, facilities and related topics at VSL, 2007-2009
    E. van Dijk 28/04/2009
  • Report on IAEA activities for the CCRI(I) 2007-2008
    A. Meghzifene 29/04/2009
  • Recent activities in measurement standards and dosimetry at ARPANSA, 2007-2009
    D. Webb 30/04/2009
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry at the MKEH
    I. Csete 04/05/2009
  • Dosimetry comparisons and calibrations at the BIPM 2007 to 2009
    P. Allisy 05/05/2009
  • ICRU Report
    S. Seltzer 19/05/2009
  • Report from the COOMET
    V. Yarina 19/05/2009

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