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CCQM Task Group on Food Measurement (CCQM-TG-FOOD)


M. Jeremy Melanson

Directeur de recherche et développement

National Research Council of Canada



M. Ralf Josephs

Bureau international des poids et mesures



Date Established: February 2024

Status: Active

Terms of Reference

The Task Group is being established in response to the CIPM initiative to outline evolving needs for metrology in major challenge areas for society including food safety and its reliance on food measurement.

Seven of the nine CCQM technical working groups have identified food safety and food measurement as an area that will be addressed by the CCQM 2021-2030 Strategy, and the work programmes of their groups, as well as specialized activities within the RMOs and capacity building and knowledge transfer activities.

The task group is being formed to reformulate current strategic plans to provide a description of the CCQM and international metrology planned activities for the period 2021-2030 in relation to food safety and food measurement, identify gaps of unmet requirements, provide liaison to other technical areas overseen by the CIPM that have food measurement activities, and identify stakeholder engagement opportunities.

Specific activities

  • To develop a document describing the CCQM strategy and work programme of 2021-2030 within the field of food safety and measurement, as well as activities in the RMOs and in capacity building and knowledge transfer, based on the published CCQM 2021-2030 strategy, that can be used as publicly accessible reference to describe how the international metrology community is planning to meet measurement needs related to food and food safety;
  • To identify gaps in measurements needs related to food and food safety not yet identified in the CCQM 2021-2030 strategy, and propose how the strategy could be updated to address these;
  • To identify unmet stakeholder engagement opportunities and how these could be exploited to promote the benefits of metrology and NMI services or used to identify new measurement needs;
  • To liaise with other CCs and identify measurements related to food and food safety covered by activities in these communities that could be incorporated into broader document covering food measurements issues and needs including those outside chemical and biological measurements.

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