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Résultats de l'élection du bureau du CIPM : président, secrétaire et vice-présidents

During the first session of its 112th meeting (21-23 March 2023) the CIPM elected Dr Wynand Louw as President and Dr Takashi Usuda as Secretary for another four-year term starting from 21 March 2023. Dr Louw is Director of Research, International and Infrastructure Development at NMISA, South Africa and Dr Usuda is Director General of the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ).

Dr Philippe Richard (METAS) and Dr James Olthoff (NIST) have been elected as Vice-Presidents.

The 112th meeting is the first to be held following the 27th meeting of the CGPM (November 2022), at which five new members were elected to the CIPM.


The BIPM extends its congratulations and best wishes.