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Launch of laboratory based on-line knowledge transfer programme on Metrology for Food Safety: Calibrators

The BIPM has launched its on-line knowledge transfer courses and studies on Metrology for Food Safety focusing on primary reference materials and calibration solution characterization. The first course covers ‘Quantification of Non-structurally Related Impurity Content in Organic Pure Materials’, previously provided as an on-site course for National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes developing mycotoxin standards for food testing applications.

The goal of the course is to transfer knowledge and practical experience on the implementation of Elemental analysis, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, Karl Fisher Titration, Sorption Balance, and VOC analysis methods for the accurate quantification of non-related structure impurities in pure organics and applicable to mycotoxin materials, and further information can be found at:

Quantification of non-structurally related impurity content in organic pure materials

The Metrology for Food Safety Capacity Building and Knowledge transfer programme, which started in 2016, is designed to allow NMIs to work together to strengthen mycotoxin metrology infrastructure; provide knowledge transfer to scientists developing capabilities in this area, including periods as visiting scientists at the BIPM; and enable NMIs to provide mycotoxin calibrant and matrix reference materials and proficiency test materials to support mycotoxin testing laboratories within their countries.

The project has support from a number of NMIs who are providing scientific expertise and raw materials to the project. The technical activities at the BIPM focus on Mycotoxin Calibrants and providing appropriate training and knowledge transfer.

The first series of on-site knowledge transfer activities were completed in 2020, and BIPM activities for the period 2021-2024 are focused on demonstrating equivalence of Mycotoxin Standards provided by NMIs/DIs through the coordination of CCQM comparisons on mycotoxin calibration solutions for aflatoxin B1, deoxynivalenol, patulin and ochratoxin A. Guidelines for the purity evaluation and calibrant assessment of mycotoxin primary reference materials and calibration solutions are also being made available.

The knowledge transfer programmes have been transferred to on-line versions using the BIPM’s e-learning platform in 2021. The first course to be on-line will be for ‘Measurement of non-related structure impurities in organic pure materials’, with the first module available in May 2021.