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M. Nikita Zviagin

M. Nikita Zviagin
International Liaison and International Liaison and Communication - BIPM

Bureau international des poids et mesures [BIPM]

Pavillon de Breteuil

92312 Sèvres Cedex


Nikita is on secondment at the BIPM from the D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM, Russia), where he is Scientific Secretary and Head of the Laboratory of Legal Metrology and Metrological Software.

In the International Liaison and Communication (ILC) Department at the BIPM, Nikita serves as the JCRB Executive Secretary, responsible for various activities related to the implementation of the CIPM MRA, most notably the submission, review, and approval of Calibration Measurement Capabilities. He also plans and coordinates the meetings of the JCRB.

Conférence générale des poids et mesures

Personnel du BIPM participant

Du 13 au 16 novembre 2018

Comité consultatif des longueurs

Personnel du BIPM participant

Du 14 au 15 juin 2018

Comité consultatif pour la quantité de matière : métrologie en chimie et biologie

Personnel du BIPM participant

Du 19 au 20 avril 2018

CGPM - Open Session

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16 novembre 2018

Meeting of the Presidents of the Consultative Committees


19 juin 2018

CCL Working Group on the CIPM MRA

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Du 12 au 13 juin 2018