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CCTF Working Group on GNSS Time Transfer (CCTF-WGGNSS)


Mme Pascale Defraigne

Observatoire Royal de Belgique



M. Gérard Petit

Time Department

Bureau international des poids et mesures


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Termes de référence

  • to report to the CCTF on the state of the art in GNSS time and frequency transfer and to provide recommendations concerning receiving systems, calibration and data processing;
  • in collaboration with the BIPM, to gather and share the information and the experience on available equipment, characterization of the hardware delays, data processing and scientific results;
  • to maintain contacts with the receiver manufacturers in order to inform them about our needs;
  • to stimulate the collection and analysis of code and carrier phase data from all GNSS constellations;
  • to stimulate the development of calibration procedures in agreement with new GNSS receiving systems;
  • to establish contacts with the parallel scientific communities working on the definition of the receiver output standards;
  • to study the clock results formats in agreement with the user needs.

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