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CCT Working Group for Humidity (CCT-WG-Hu)


Mme Stephanie Bell

National Physical Laboratory


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Réunion Passée

  • 15
  • décembre
  • 2020

Réunion Passée

  • 29
  • mai
  • 2017


Termes de référence

The terms of reference of the WG-Hu are to advise the CCT on matters relating to humidity, to pursue harmonization relevant to the field of humidity measurements, and to develop and maintain an effective liaison with the international humidity and moisture community.


  • draft a document on uncertainty in humidity;
  • operation of CCT-K6;
  • operation of CCT-K8;
  • strategic planning of ongoing and future key and supplementary comparisons in the field;
  • clarification of quantities, units, symbols and realizations relating to humidity measurement.