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CCEM-CCRI Task Group - Low Current Measurement (CCEM-CCRI-TG-LCM)


M. Stephen Giblin

National Physical Laboratory



M. Vincent Gressier

Directeur de Département des Rayonnements Ionisants

Bureau international des poids et mesures


M. Michael Stock

Directeur du département de métrologie en physique

Bureau international des poids et mesures


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The role of the Task Group is to guide the introduction of new technologies for the measurement of low electrical current for ionization chambers used in the measurement of radionuclide standards. The Task Group comprises experts in the fields of electrical metrology and radionuclide metrology, and representatives from laboratories involved in validating the new techniques.

The main roles of the task Group are:

  • To provide a forum to exchange the results from trials of different techniques for low current measurement.
  • To suggest solutions to any problems encountered.
  • To facilitate communication between the two fields, including identifying opportunities for researcher mobility.
  • To support the promotion of the outcomes from the work to maximize its impact.

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