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Atelier du CCQM: "Metrology for Viral systems as molecular tools"

24 au 27 janvier 2023

Viral systems - Text

Workshop aim

Technologies associated with viral systems play an increasingly prominent role in our lives, allowing us to overcome infectious or heritable disease and develop potent cancer treatments, modify crops and the environment, or produce recombinant proteins with diverse applications. The workshop on ‘Developing Metrology for Viral Systems as Molecular Tools’ is open to experts and stakeholders with an interest in developing metrology infrastructure to support biotechnologies and advanced treatments utilising viral vectors or viral like particles.

The workshop aims to explore established and emergent measurement technologies, reference materials and methods development, regulatory landscape and standardization needs and gaps for a diverse set of stakeholder-driven applications utilising these systems. The workshop will aim to cover applications covering the principle viral entities in use and develop a strategy for metrology support fostering links between public and private stakeholders and NMI/DIs prioritizing and developing measurement solutions and calibration services.


The meeting will include, but is not limited to the following themes:

  • Developing measurement solutions to support the characterisation of viral vectors and VLPs by specified critical quality attributes throughout the product life cycle.
  • State of the art measurement solutions, reference materials and instrument calibration challenges to support Physical titer evaluation.
  • State of the art measurement solutions, reference materials and instrument calibration challenges to support Functional titer evaluation.
  • Current and emergent regulatory guidance for viral vectors and VLPs, and how the state of the art in measurement can help evolve guidance.
  • Assess current and emergent measurement infrastructure and how measurement traceability and high-order measurement solutions can support laboratory comparability and bioprocessing.
  • Initiatives for Viral vector or Viral-like particle reference material development.

The organising committee is seeking expressions of interest for presentations on any of these topics.

Steering Committee

Jonathan Campbell


Boqiang Fu

NIM (China)

Caterina Minelli


Jim Huggett


Megan Cleveland


Mike Winchester


Neil Almond


Sarah Kempster


Sheng Lin-Gibson


Young Bae

KRISS (Republic of Korea)

Gustavo Martos (Workshop Executive Secretary)



Documents de travail

Désolé, aucun document n’est disponible pour cette réunion.

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