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CCPR Working Group on CMCs (CCPR-WG-CMC)


M. Marek Smid

Czech Metrology Institute


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Réunion Passée

  • 07
  • septembre
  • 2023

Réunion Passée

  • 28
  • avril
  • 2022

Réunion Passée

  • 14
  • septembre
  • 2021

Réunion Passée

  • 09
  • décembre
  • 2020

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Termes de référence

  • To coordinate and approve the definition of service categories requested by RMOs and to maintain lists of service categories, and – where necessary – rules for the preparation of CMC entries;
  • To agree on detailed technical review criteria;
  • To To coordinate and, if necessary, conduct inter-regional reviews of CMCs submitted by RMOs for posting in Appendix C of the MRA;
  • provide guidance on the range of CMCs supported by particular key and supplementary comparisons;
  • To suggest to the WG-KC areas where additional key and supplementary comparisons may be needed;
  • To coordinate the review of existing CMCs in the context of new results of key and supplementary comparisons.

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