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CCM Working Group on Force and Torque (CCM-WGFT)


M. Rolf Kumme

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt



M. Andy Knott

National Physical Laboratory


Liste des réunions

Réunions et documents associés

Réunion Passée

  • Du 23 au 24
  • septembre
  • 2021

Réunion Passée

  • 20
  • avril
  • 2021

Réunion Passée

  • Du 06 au 08
  • juin
  • 2017


Termes de référence

  • To study issues related to force and torque metrology, including dissemination, and to advise the CCM on these topics as well as on anticipated developments in this field;
  • To review the results of completed key and supplementary comparisons and plan and support new comparisons;
  • To facilitate the submission and review of CMCs by establishing technical review criteria and service categories and providing guidance on and coordinating the review process;
  • To provide liaison at the technical level with ISO TC164/SC 1 and SC 5 and to maintain good links with IMEKO TC3.

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