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Réunion du CBKT-RMO-Forum (2023)

27 au 29 septembre 2023


RMO Forum - Copyright

All CBKT programme materials are for non-commercial use only.

All materials are provided to users as reading materials and for guidance in their work. Materials may be used for non-commercial internal training purposes, as long as due reference is made to the author and his/her institutional affiliation. Use of the material in external training courses requires the prior written agreement of the BIPM.

The author and/or institution are the owner of the copyright and have exclusive right for modification. The presentations may be used in accordance with the above either:

  • in their original form without change of any sort, retaining and presenting the authors name and affiliation, which must be shown and cannot be altered.
  • extracts of individual slides (or other extracts) with appropriate acknowledgment of the source added on each and every slide used (‘Courtesy of [name of author and institution]’).


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