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Forum du BIPM et des organisations régionales de métrologie « Supporting RMO Secretariats ».

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Close collaboration and communication between the BIPM and Regional Metrology Organizations (RMOs) is important to ensure the continuing exchange of information.

The RMO Secretariats have been the focal point for interfacing with the BIPM and undertaking many practical aspects of the CIPM MRA for many years. This relationship is defined through the structures of the Joint Committee of the Regional Metrology Organizations and the BIPM (JCRB).

However, the BIPM Headquarters and RMOs increasingly interface on activities beyond the CIPM MRA. These activities include:
  • CBKT activities, namely:
    • organization of CBKT courses in person or online, at the BIPM Headquarters or in the regions
    • use of the BIPM e-learning platform
  • World Metrology Day poster (also with the OIML)
  • RMOs as ambassadors for states that do not yet participate in the activities of the BIPM
  • supporting emerging NMIs
  • exchanging information related to communication and communication strategies
  • exchanges related to the digital transformation agenda
  • cooperation when developing strategy and foresight.

These interactions range from mature and well defined to emerging and less well, or even not yet defined.

In September 2023 the BIPM Headquarters will host a joint three-day BIPM/RMO forum. The aim of this initiative is to:
  • equip RMO Secretariats with appropriate knowledge that can assist in effective implementation of various interactions with the BIPM
  • provide the basis for an ongoing forum supporting RMO Secretariats across the range of interface topics and fostering discussion with them
  • provide a “toolbox” for RMO Secretariats indexing various BIPM and RMO interfaces.
This initiative:
  • meets the BIPM long-term strategy (2024-2029):
    To explore, with the RMOs, the concept of an integrated mentoring tool
  • assists in the execution of Resolution 6 (27th CGPM)
    On universal adherence to the Metre Convention

Programme outline for 2023

  • The process by which a state may become a Member State or Associate
  • Practical aspects of CIPM MRA participation
  • BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme (CBKT)
  • Communication
  • Mining of the BIPM Website (including KCDB statistics)
  • Metrologia journal: Open access review papers to support knowledge transfer
  • Digital Transformation of metrology
  • Strategy discussions

Target audience

The target audience is RMO Secretariats and those who assist the RMO in various interactions with the BIPM. The forum is limited to a maximum of 30 participants (5 from each RMO of which 3 can be funded). Applicants will be nominated by the RMOs with indication as to which applicants should be funded (by the end of March 2023).

Financial support

There is no registration fee and the BIPM will provide coffee breaks and lunches during the three-day session. Financial support will be provided for a limited number of participants (3 from each RMO) covering participation, economy airfare and hotel room costs. Other, non-funded participants are welcome to participate at their own expense, such that a maximum participation from any RMO does not exceed 5.


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