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CIPM MRA Brochures


The CIPM MRA Brochures were developed in order to simply explain the benefits of the CIPM MRA to a variety of parties and describe how the data quality is assured. The brochure summarizes all aspects of the CIPM MRA mechanisms, and six inserts provide additional detail on:

  • the participation in the CIPM MRA;
  • the concept of metrological traceability;
  • measurement comparison activities;
  • calibration and measurement capabilities within the CIPM MRA;
  • the review processes of the CIPM MRA, and
  • the quality management aspects of all CIPM MRA activities.

Other languages CBKT

If you wish us to make the CIPM MRA Brochures available in your language, contact the CBKT Team for the source file.

French and Spanish versions were produced in the framework of the BIPM and SIM Training course: KCDB 2.0.