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BIPM Workshop on Advanced Time and Frequency Transfer (ATFT): The ultimate frontier for remote comparison methods

10 October 2019 (at the BIPM)


advanced-time SC


Davide Calonico



Joachim Ullrich

CCU President

Noël Dimarcq

CCTF President

Organizing Committee

Gianna Panfilo


Patrizia Tavella

CCTF Executive Secretary

Estefanía de Mirandés

CCU Executive Secretary

advanced-time DETAILS

Objective of the workshop

The Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency Working Group on Coordination of the Development of Advanced Time and Frequency Transfer Techniques (CCTF-WGATFT), in cooperation with the Consultative Committee for Units (CCU), is organizing a workshop with the aim of bringing together different communities to explore the limits of time and frequency transfer in view of a possible redefinition of the second.

Time and frequency transfer methods are key matters within the time and frequency community. The main goal of the workshop is to explore technical advancements in time and frequency transfer as well as related fields outside of this domain.

Time and frequency transfer is widely used in many scientific fields, such as astronomy, telecommunications, space applications, and geodesy, with different levels of relationships with the time and frequency community. The need for high-performing techniques in the time and frequency domain encourages the exploration of these different fields of application to bring together experiences and knowledge.

The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to invited talks and the second part will be followed by a panel discussion on the ultimate frontier for remote comparison methods.

Proposed discussion topics:

  • Introduction of CCTF-WGATFT activities
  • Optical two-way time and frequency transfer over free space
  • Radio astronomy techniques
  • Synchronization of telecommunication networks
  • Coherent frequency transfer using optical fibres



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