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Metrology for Clean Air: Launch of on-line Knowledge Transfer Programme on the application of FT-IR for Gas Standard Characterization

The course is intended for NMI scientists working in gas metrology and wishing to further their theoretical and practical knowledge of the use of the FT-IR technique to obtain accurate and traceable quantification of infrared gas active species. The on-line knowledge transfer programme starting in 2021 is a replacement for the on-site training secondments for NMIs scientists, which have been in operation until 2020. The course covers the use and calibration of FT-IR instruments with gas standards to achieve SI traceable measurement results with well-defined uncertainties, as well as methods that rely on the traceability of measurement results to very high-resolution line strength data, and the use of algorithms to generate synthetic spectra, which can be used to calibrate instruments of 1 cm-1 resolution.

Scientists from NMIs and DIs from Member States and Associates will be able to follow the on-line course in one of two ways:

  • 6 month intensive on-line course – with regular BIPM video conference session follow-ups (limited number of participations per annual session and normally run from September to February)
  • Access to on-line material and B-FOS software only, with one on-line workshop for all participants registered for the year

The course is currently being followed by scientists form NIMT(Thailand) and NMISA (South Africa), and applications are open for the course that is limited to on-line material only, as well as the intensive on-line course starting in September 2022.

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