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Journée mondiale de la métrologie 2024 !

The BIPM wishes you a Happy World Metrology Day 2024! This year's theme is We measure today for a sustainable tomorrow. The focus is on the numerous measurement opportunities that contribute to the establishment of a sustainable global economy and environment.

This year marks the official recognition by UNESCO of 20 May each year as a UNESCO International Day. This designation opens new avenues to promote metrology, aligning with UNESCO’s mission to construct a better world through science and education.

Metrology provides the foundation for data-driven decision-making and policy development in sustainability. By ensuring accurate measurements across various aspects of sustainability, it helps organizations, governments and individuals make informed choices that contribute to a more sustainable future.

More information, including posters and a list of events, can be found on the World Metrology Day website.

World Metrology Day

Watch the BIPM Director's message: