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Le logo du SI : Objectif Lune

The vision of the BIPM is for the SI to be recognized world-wide as the basis for all measurements. Now we could go one step further and achieve recognition of the SI beyond our planet with a permanent presence on the Moon! This is being planned by a new project to place sapphire discs engraved with the SI logo on the surface of the moon.

The ‘Sanctuary on the Moon’ project is supported by UNESCO and is part of the NASA Artemis Programme. It aims to deposit a long-term stable capsule on the lunar surface, which will include information about humanity, such as mathematics, culture, palaeontology, art, science and the human genome.

Any (friendly) aliens will know what measurement units to use and can contact the BIPM for further information!

Mario Freese, artistic director, checking an excerpt of a disc on WILDER Wall, at INRIA Paris Saclay. ©Benedict Redgrove