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Décès de Pavel Neyezhmakov

Prof. Neyezhmakov made a great contribution to international metrology. He was elected to the CIPM in 2018 a few weeks after Ukraine became a Member State.

He had a deep knowledge in the field of metrology, having devoted a 40-year career in length measurements, radiation dosimetry, photometry and radiometry. His PhD thesis was entitled “Scientific and Technical Principles of Reconstruction of Measurement Standards Base of Ukraine in Compliance with Reform of the International System of Units SI.”

In 2015, Prof. Neyezhmakov was appointed as General Director of NSC “Institute of Metrology” where he worked for many years. He was a member of the International Standardization Academy of Ukraine and involved in CIML and OIML meetings. He was Chief Editor of Ukrainian Metrological Journal and of the Information Bulletin on International Metrology and Associate Editor of NCSLI Measure for candela. He took part in many meetings at the BIPM during more than fifteen years. He was actively involved in the JCGM activities and was Chair of the CCU Working Group on Core Metrological Terms (CCU-WG-CMT).

He will be deeply missed by the world-wide metrology community, CIPM members and BIPM colleagues.