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Formation BIPM-SIM sur la KCDB 2.0

The BIPM-SIM Training course: KCDB 2.0 was held on 20-22 April 2022 and welcomed more than 160 participants from 20 countries over the three days. The online course was organized for member NMIs and DIs of the Inter-American Metrology System (SIM).

The three-day (3.5 hours/day) online training course was designed to deliver information for those who: write CMCs in the KCDB; review the CMCs; pilot comparisons; and for TC/WG Chairs who operate the CIPM MRA processes. The programme was organized to cover three main topics:

  1. CIPM MRA Environment
  2. Intra-RMO review of CMCs
  3. JCRB review of CMCs

The content was delivered following a logical sequence, starting from the CIPM MRA requirements, and including case studies on how these requirements were implemented, practical exercises and discussions. The practical exercises were sent to registered participants one week ahead of the training course, so that they could follow the exercises and practice in advance if they wished. The practical exercises were organized using the KCDB CBKT training platform. Participants had opportunities to write CMCs directly on the training platform, review CMCs, register comparisons, and act as a TC/WG Chair for the exercises.

Comments from participants:

“….I’d like to compliment your use of pre-class preparation exercises and active learning pedagogy.”

“…thank very much for organizing this training. It was nice to have the possibility to try live on the KCDB CBKT training platform”.

“…This has been a great training event for SIM”.


Participants in the BIPM-SIM Training course: KCDB 2.0.