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Nouvel article fournissant des données d'évaluation améliorée de la dose en radiothérapie

A multi-year project involving multiple institutions and coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has culminated in a paper published in the journal Physics in Medicine & Biology. The paper, co-authored by Dr David Burns at the BIPM, provides definitive values for the critical correction factors kQ that enter in the determination of the radiotherapy dose to cancer patients. The new values are derived from a combination of experiment and state-of-the-art Monte Carlo calculations at numerous NMIs and other institutes and have an uncertainty almost a factor of two better than the values currently recommended. They will be incorporated into the IAEA Code of Practice (TRS-398) used by clinicians when evaluating the dose output from their treatment machines. This Code of Practice is currently being revised by a small working group with BIPM participation.

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