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EURAMET-BIPM Workshop on the KCDB 2.0

The two and half day EURAMET-BIPM Workshop on the KCDB 2.0, dedicated to EURAMET TC Chairs and TC Members, was held at the BIPM from 17-19 February 2020. The Workshop was intended for EURAMET experts who are involved in the CIPM MRA processes. The aim of the workshop was to equip TC Chairs and TC Members (CMC reviewers) with appropriate information to use the KCDB 2.0 effectively and to ensure that they do not have to learn the processes by 'trial and error'.

The workshop was a follow-up event to the "Optimizing the CIPM MRA - the KCDB 2.0" global course, which was held at the BIPM in November 2019. The content of the workshop was similar to the global course but specifically tailored to the needs of the EURAMET TC community. It was structured to discuss the importance and quality of the data declared into the KCDB; different approaches of EURAMET TCs in intra-regional CMC review practices; CIPM MRA revision outcomes; effective and efficient review practices of the Consultative Committees; and the KCDB tools that have been developed to support these activities.

KCDB 2.0 offline learning tool

Participants worked in groups of five to six on specific topics related to the KCDB 2.0. Practical sessions on the new KCDB 2.0 tools were the most popular part of the workshop; each practical exercise commenced with a demonstration of the relevant KCDB 2.0 tools. The "CMC review simulator" - a dedicated offline KCDB 2.0 learning tool - helped to reinforce the information acquired. The workshop participants simulated the CMC review process using the offline KCDB tool: they prepared and submitted their CMCs as a Writer, acted as Reviewers, submitted comparisons as a Pilot, and finally managed the process as a TC Chair.

In the words of Andy Henson, Director of the International Liaison and Communication (ILC) Department, "the KCDB 2.0 is a far more comprehensive system than the one it replaces. The opportunity for the EURAMET experts to gain experience using the simulator was highly appreciated, and they provided the BIPM with useful feedback that will help us optimize the KCDB 2.0 tools going forward."

The BIPM wishes to thank all participants for their active involvement in the workshop.

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