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2019 BIPM-GULFMET "CMCs and QMS Review" Workshop

The "CMCs and QMS Review Workshop" was held during the GULFMET week event on 23 April 2019 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

The one-day workshop, organized as part as the BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer programme in collaboration with GULFMET, was specifically aimed at highlighting the CMC and QMS review procedures and to provide a deeper understanding of the implementation process.

The workshop was developed to provide the GULFMET TC chairs and members with the knowledge and skills required to become better acquainted with the CMC and QMS review process. The workshop helped TC members to understand and implement the correct practice for CMC and QMS review. The workshop took the form of lectures and discussions, allowing knowledge transfer and the sharing of experience between participants.

Content of the Workshop

The content of the workshop was presented in the form of lectures and case studies given by experts from the BIPM and GULFMET TC chairs.

The workshop was specifically tailored to the needs of GULFMET, with a focus on the implementation of the CMC and QMS review procedures in GULFMET member states. The following topics were discussed during the programme:

  • General introduction of the CIPM MRA: mechanisms, outcomes and benefits
  • GULFMET CMC review procedures
  • BIPM guidelines for comparisons and CMCs
  • GULFMET QMS review procedure
  • Introduction to the KCDB
  • GULFMET ILC procedures
  • BIPM guidelines for QMS review
  • Practical examples on CMC review

Workshop dates and venue:

23 April 2019, in Muscat (Oman)


The Workshop was sponsored by GULFMET.


"The content was extremely informative and useful. I particularly enjoyed the discussions allowing experience sharing, which made CMCs easily understandable.
I am sure that this training will help GULFMET to be in the ranks of competitors in the Metrology Field. Finally, I would like to thank GULFMET for organizing this training and a special thank you to Mr. Andy Henson from BIPM for continuous support.

Asma Al Hosani , TC QS Secretary , Emirates Metrology Institute- (EMI), UAE

"Actually, I did not have many information about the Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) process and how the Regional Metrology organizations (RMO) review it. The CMC course clarified to me these points and the benefit of practicing such processes to develop and improve the origination capability regionally and internationally. I take this opportunity to thank BIPM and GULFMET for such a valuable course."

Waleed Al Kalbani, TC EMFT Secretary, Emirates Metrology Institute- (EMI), UAE

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