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2018 "Effective participation in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)" course

This CBKT initiative is aimed at supporting institutes to improve their contributions to the computation of UTC through participation in BIPM Circular T / Key Comparison CCTF-K001.UTC. The training, whilst primarily aimed at the characterization and calibration of GNSS time transfer equipment, will also cover data transmission and integration into UTC, corrections and clock steering, the link between UTC and other key stakeholders and the organization and operation of the world reference timescale system.

  • Application process:
    • Time and frequency laboratory technical staff from institutes contributing to UTC interested in participating in the training course, after first confirming with their directors, should complete online application form.

      Online application form

      Applications are open until 15 December 2017.
      Participants will be selected from among UTC contributing laboratories of the BIPM Member States and Associates of the CGPM according to their needs and to improve the data they submit for the computation of UTC.

  • The targeted audience:
    • Time and frequency laboratory technical staff in institutes (a) already contributing to UTC, but still under development or facing difficulties with regular operations, (b) preparing for a new contribution and (c) inexperienced T&F technical chairs in RMOs.

  • Programme highlights:
    • Fundamentals of the computation of UTC
    • Participating in computation of time scales (UTC, rapid UTC)
    • Services provided by the BIPM Time Department
    • Organization and operation of a time laboratory providing a realization of UTC
    • Uncertainties of [UTC-UTC(k)] - How to improve them?
    • Fundamental concepts of time transfer
    • Types of GNSS receivers, technical description
    • Hands-on in laboratory experience

  • Programme:

  • Course dates and venue:
    • 13-14 February 2018, at the BIPM, Sèvres.

  • Course material:

  • Financial support:
    • Support is available for a limited number of participants covering course participation, air fare and hotel costs.

  • Sponsor:
    • The course is funded by METAS.

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