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Analyte Group 2: Nucleic Acids Review Team


Mme Alison Devonshire

LGC Ltd.



M. Neil Almond


M. Joan Gordon

Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc

Mme Susan Hsiao

Columbia University Medical Center

Mme Roberta M. Madej

RBM Consulting, LLC

rt-nucleic acids

Scope of Activity

The JCTLM Nucleic Acids Review Team reviews nominations of certified reference materials and reference methods/procedures that are intended for use in measurement of oligo and polynucleotides employed for identification and/or quantification of nucleic acid derived substances in biological materials, or where the intended use depends on a nucleic acid based method. For specific information regarding review of nucleic acid sequence based RMs please see:

Terms of reference - JCTLM RT

rt nucleic acids - doc

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