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JCTLM Members’ and Stakeholders’ meeting and Workshop on 'EQA schemes elucidating the clinical suitability of laboratory results'

4 to 5 December 2023

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JCTLM Workshop 2023-12-04



Aim of the meeting

The JCTLM Members’ and Stakeholders’ Meeting with Workshop on “EQA schemes elucidating the clinical suitability of laboratory results” was held at the BIPM on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 December 2023. The biennial meeting of the Members and Stakeholders started with a morning session on JCTLM update and report on 4 December and was followed by a Workshop to explore the relationship between proficiency testing/external quality assurance (EQA) and traceability. A range of experts described the current quality of laboratory assays and how EQA schemes can identify where improvement in assays is needed. The theme of this Workshop was how EQA schemes can improve and provide a more helpful assessment of this quality.


The workshop was open to all individuals and groups with an interest in traceability and method standardization or harmonization. These included laboratory medicine specialists, EQA providers, IVD manufacturers, and national metrology institutes.

Anticipated outcomes

Proficiency testing monitors the traceability of measurement results without being a part of the traceability hierarchies themselves. The workshop provided an understanding of the roles of proficiency testing in maintaining traceability, its challenges, and current developments in elucidating the clinical suitability of laboratory results.



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