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Why and how to join?

Why and how to join - TEXT

Benefits of the JCTLM membership


Why become a JCTLM Member Organization?


Procedure to join

Organizations should inform the JCTLM Secretariat of their desire to participate in the work of the JCTLM, and supply the information below. The JCTLM Secretariat shall transfer these to the JCTLM Executive Committee. Upon confirmation that the organization is in a position to make a significant contribution to advancing the purposes of the committee, the appropriate 'Member' status shall be granted.

Information required of organizations requesting 'JCTLM National and Regional Member' status or 'JCTLM Stakeholder Member' status:

  1. Official name of the organization (with acronym).
  2. Full postal address, Telephone, Telex address, Facsimile and Email as appropriate.
  3. The name and contact details of the contact person(s) for the organization.
  4. Aims and subject fields of the organization.
  5. Summary of activities being undertaken by the organization to reduce the between method variability in laboratory medicine measurements.
  6. Description of any previous interaction/support of the JCTLM.
  7. Members (where applicable).
  8. Structure (indicating the form of governing body).
  9. Name, function and address of the person providing the information.


Online application form