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Tai training Presentations (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
TAI_TRAINING/-01BIPM, Time Department and UTCF. Arias (BIPM)2012/10/05PDF
1165 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-02Laboratory equipment, generation of UTC, local and remote comparison systems, traceability to UTCA. Bauch (PTB)2012/10/05PDF
1379 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-03GNSS time transferP. Defraigne (ORB)2012/10/05PDF
3225 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-04Joining the UTC community - Rules and procedures for participating to UTC and UTCrF. Arias (BIPM)2012/10/05PDF
1031 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-05Laboratories clock data and UTC(k): how do they enter in UTCG. Panfilo (BIPM)2012/10/05PDF
1513 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-06Steering UTC(k) to UTCD. Matsakis (USNO)2012/10/05PDF
678 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-07Statistics to check clock and time scale behaviorP. Tavella (INRIM)2012/10/05PDF
5015 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-08Dissemination of UTCJ. Levine (NIST)2012/10/05PDF
7811 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-09Mutual Recognition Arrangement in time and frequencyF. Cordara (INRIM)2012/10/05PDF
724 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-10The Regional Metrological OrganizationsB. Warrington (NMIA)2012/10/05PDF
1434 kbytes
TAI_TRAINING/-11Preparation and review of CMC files for time and frequencyF. Cordara (INRIM) et al.2012/10/06PDF
335 kbytes
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