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Traceability in laboratory medicine Presentations (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
ORIGINS/-01Revised Mission Statement PDF
49 kbytes
ORIGINS/-02Workshop Program - BIPM 9-11 June 2002 PDF
59 kbytes
ORIGINS/-03List of participants - BIPM 9-11 June 2002 PDF
106 kbytes
ORIGINS/-04Announcement: Workshop on Traceability in Laboratory Medicine2002/06/21PDF
28 kbytes
ORIGINS/-05Proposed "Joint Committee on Traceability in Laboratory Medicine" PDF
28 kbytes
ORIGINS/-06Units and traceability in biological reference materialsA. Bristow PDF
254 kbytes
ORIGINS/-07Comparability and traceability: point of view from a metrological instituteE. de Leer  PDF
427 kbytes
ORIGINS/-08Metrological traceability for in-vitro diagnostic medical devices: definitions and ISO/CEN standardsR. Dybkaer PDF
126 kbytes
ORIGINS/-09Proficiency testing schemes and traceability: the College of American Pathologists (CAP) PerspectiveJ. Eckfeldt PDF
405 kbytes
ORIGINS/-10Realising traceability in laboratory medicine: a coordinated approachJ.-C. Forest2002/06/21PDF
854 kbytes
ORIGINS/-11FDA`s role in the regulation of in vitro diagnostics : the search for goldS. Gutman PDF
222 kbytes
ORIGINS/-12Traceability and reference systems in laboratory medicine : point of view of the European IVD industryW. Hoelzel2002/06/21PDF
93 kbytes
ORIGINS/-13Regulations in the EUK. Howes PDF
114 kbytes
ORIGINS/-14IVD regulations in Japan : innovation towards global harmonisationT. Kawai PDF
191 kbytes
ORIGINS/-15Requirements of physicians for standardised/comparable measurements: impact on medical decisionsG. Klee PDF
353 kbytes
ORIGINS/-16Certified reference materials for laboratory medicineW. Koch PDF
4817 kbytes
ORIGINS/-17Scientific work & working groups: essentials and basicsR. Lequin PDF
135 kbytes
ORIGINS/-18Metrological aspects and external Quality Assurance ProgramsJ. C. Libeer PDF
1109 kbytes
ORIGINS/-19The role of international/global standards in traceabilityD. Meyer PDF
82 kbytes
ORIGINS/-20The need for traceability in laboratory medicineM. Muller PDF
322 kbytes
ORIGINS/-21Discussions and developments so farM. Muller, T. Quinn PDF
181 kbytes
ORIGINS/-22The BIPM and the Metre ConventionT. Quinn PDF
5016 kbytes
ORIGINS/-23The concept of commutabilityH. Schimmel PDF
250 kbytes
ORIGINS/-24Establishing measurement traceability in clinical enzymologyL. Siekmann PDF
505 kbytes
ORIGINS/-25ISO/FDIS 17511, Requirements for traceability of values assigned to IVD calibrators and controls: a viewpoint from US industry(N. Greenberg) D. Sogin PDF
82 kbytes
ORIGINS/-26Accreditation of clinical labs : an ILAC overview. Includes the South African and Australian experiencesA Squirrell, S. Peters, R. Robertson PDF
699 kbytes
ORIGINS/-27Conclusions of Workshop on Traceability in Laboratory Medicine PDF
191 kbytes
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