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CCM Workshop on the mise en pratique of the new definition of the kilogram Presentations (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
MEP_2012/-03Final Agenda of the Workshop (version 3.2)Workshop organizers2012/10/05PDF
217 kbytes
MEP_2012/-05OIML statement on the proposed new SICIML2012/11/15PDF
22 kbytes
MEP_2012/-06ACECIP Position on possible future revision of the International System of Units-SICECIP2012/11/15PDF
90 kbytes
MEP_2012/-06BResponse to CECIP positionB. Inglis, President of CIPM2012/12/10PDF
298 kbytes
MEP_2012/-07Agenda Item 2: Introduction to the WorkshopP. Richard2012/12/10PDF
171 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09aAgenda Item 3.2.1: Report on status of NIST watt balanceJ. Pratt2012/12/10PDF
1253 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09bAgenda item 3.2.2: Report on status of METAS watt balanceH. Baumann2012/12/10PDF
2349 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09cAgenda Item 3.2.3: Report on status of NRC watt balanceD. Inglis2012/12/10PDF
391 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09dAgenda Item 3.2.4: Report on status of LNE watt balanceG. Genevès2012/12/10PDF
5354 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09eAgenda Item 3.2.5: Report on status of BIPM watt balanceH. Fang2012/12/10PDF
4434 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09fAgenda Item 3.2.6: Report on status of NIM joule balanceHe Q.2012/12/10PDF
4577 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09gAgenda Item 3.2.7: Report on status of MSL watt balanceC. Sutton2012/12/10PDF
1014 kbytes
MEP_2012/-09hAgenda Item 3.2.8: Report on status of KRISS watt balanceJ. Kim2012/12/10PDF
1250 kbytes
MEP_2012/-10aAgenda Item 4.1: Report on European project NewKILO (JRP number: SIB05)S. Davidson2012/12/10PDF
1455 kbytes
MEP_2012/-10bAgenda Item 4.2: Report on European project kNOW (JRP number: SIB03)E. Massa2012/12/10PDF
436 kbytes
MEP_2012/-10cAgenda Item 4.3: Resolution of the discrepancies in North AmericaJ. Pratt2012/12/10PDF
426 kbytes
MEP_2012/-11Agenda Item 5: Report from OIMLR. Schwartz2012/12/10PDF
179 kbytes
MEP_2012/-12aAgenda Item 6.1: Calibration at the BIPM using the present definition of the kilogramC. Goyon2012/12/10PDF
2447 kbytes
MEP_2012/-12bAgenda Item 6.2: A general method to reproduce the mass standards assigned to BIPM working standards from 1889 to 2010E. de Mirandés2012/12/10PDF
226 kbytes
MEP_2012/-13bAgenda Item 7.2: Preparation for the mise en pratique; Report of CCM WGM Task Group 2L. Nielsen2012/12/10PDF
230 kbytes
MEP_2012/-14Agenda Item 9: Report of CCM WG SI on the draft mise en pratiqueP. Richard2012/12/10PDF
376 kbytes
MEP_2012/-15cAgenda Item 10.3: Representative views of NMIs not included in items 10.1 or 10.2N. Medina2012/12/10PDF
394 kbytes
MEP_2012/-15dAgenda Item 10.4: Combined pool of artefacts--Advantages and DifficultiesE. de Mirandés2012/12/10PDF
2523 kbytes
MEP_2012/-15eAgenda Item 10.5: Views of NMI directors on long-term support for primary realizations of the kgP. Richard2012/12/10PDF
101 kbytes
MEP_2012/-15fAgenda Item 10.6: A risk analysis for the mise en pratiqueW. Bich2012/12/10PDF
212 kbytes
MEP_2012/-16Report on the CCM Workshop 21-22 November 2012W. Bich, rapporteur2013/01/28PDF
441 kbytes
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