– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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Presentations (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
GAWG2016/-03Determination of Ar molar mass for the Boltzmann constantJin Seog Kim (KRISS)2016/10/17PDF
2022 kbytes
GAWG2016/-04Traceable dynamic methods: why and howBernard Niederhauser (METAS)2016/10/17PDF
2778 kbytes
GAWG2016/-05Analysis of ?problem? molecules: ammonia, formaldehyde, and hydrogen chlorideLyn Gameson (NIST)2016/10/17PDF
4099 kbytes
GAWG2016/-06Development of standards and services for LPGDamian Smeulders (NMIA)2016/10/17PDF
2133 kbytes
GAWG2016/-07Metrological traceability in LNG custody transferAdriaan van der Veen (VSL)2016/10/17PDF
2673 kbytes
GAWG2016/-08Advanced methods for measuring purity of fuel cell hydrogenArul Murugan (NPL)2016/10/17PDF
2951 kbytes
GAWG2016/-09High-pressure qNMR spectroscopy in condensed- and gas-phases towards determinations of impurities and compositions of gas mixturesKlas Meyer (BAM)2016/10/17PDF
1871 kbytes
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