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BIPM Workshop on Challenges in Metrology for Dynamic Measurement Presentations (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
DYNAMIC/-000Workshop AgendaSSC2012/11/09PDF
336 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-001Scientific Steering Committee membersSSC2012/10/17PDF
221 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-002Speaker detailsSpeakers2012/10/17PDF
1813 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-101Requested reliability of dynamic mechanical measurement in mobility, from automobile to service robotTatsuo Fujikawa (JARI)2012/12/04PDF
3298 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-102Challenges in dynamic torque and force measurement with special regard to industrial demandsAndré Schäfer (HBM)2012/12/04PDF
3301 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-103Dynamic measurements for mechanical quantity standards, from NMIs to industriesGustavo Ripper (INMETRO)2012/12/04PDF
5740 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-104Session 2 (Flow): Revised AgendaJW2012/12/04PDF
92 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-105Introduction to dynamic flow measurementsJohn Wright (NIST)2012/12/04PDF
2128 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-106Step response of pressure gaugesFredrik Arrhén (SP)2012/12/04PDF
2672 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-107Challenges in characterizing flowmeter dynamic responseChuck Gray (Micro Motion)2012/12/04PDF
5269 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-108Flow measurements for gaseous fuel dispensersJohn Wright (NIST)2012/12/04PDF
2609 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-109Response time of thermometers for civil nuclear applicationsRonan Morice (LNE) and Benedict-John Willey (EDF)2013/06/25PDF
2147 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-110Measurement by impulse heating and analysis by response functions and transfer functionsTetsuya Baba (NMIJ/AIST)2012/12/06PDF
1542 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-111Dynamic measurement challenges: An industry viewPete Loftus (Rolls-Royce)2012/12/04PDF
965 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-112System identification and uncertainty analysis for challenging measurement applications: a case study in micro-newton level force measurementBen Hughes (NPL)2012/12/04PDF
1904 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-113Dynamic uncertainty – In line with GUM? A mathematical and statistical perspective Sascha Eichstädt (PTB)2013/06/13PDF
763 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-3REPReport on breakout session: Thermophysical quantitiesJean-Rémy Filtz (LNE; session chair)2013/06/13PDF
231 kbytes
DYNAMIC/-photoPhoto of the participants, 15 November 2012BIPM2013/06/20Other
1426 kbytes
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