– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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Presentations (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
CLEANAIR/-01IPQ Gas Standard Activities in support of the Environment and Clean AirF. Dias (IPQ)2016/10/17PDF
2642 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-02Global Activities in Gas MetrologyJS Kim (KRISS)2016/10/17PDF
2118 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-03The influence of accreditation by EN ISO IEC 17025 on the performance of a test laboratoryC. Ferreira (SONDAR.I)2016/10/17PDF
1019 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-04Standards for Greenhouse Gas monitoringP. Brewer(NPL)2016/10/17PDF
2111 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-05Standardization of Particulate and Aerosol MeasurementsH. Andres (METAS)2016/10/17PDF
1386 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-06Control and Quality Assurance (QA / QC) in the network of air quality stations in Portugal under the Directive EU 2015/1480J. Matos (APA)2016/10/17PDF
5455 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-07Advances in Spectroscopic Methods for Gas SensingA. Fleisher (NIST)2016/10/17PDF
2821 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-08Environmental Measurements: How to Improve AccuracyA. Carreira (Ar Líquido)2016/10/17PDF
785 kbytes
CLEANAIR/-09Improving the accuracy of NO2 and Ozone Monitoring J. Viallon (BIPM)2016/10/17PDF
2873 kbytes
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