– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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WGTAI working documents (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
WGTAI/09-00Agenda of the meetingP. Tavella (INRIM), F. Arias (BIPM)2009/03/05PDF
12 kbytes
WGTAI/09-01Considerations for establishing a timing laboratoryJ. Levine (NIST)2009/05/29PDF
10 kbytes
WGTAI/09-02Time scale steeringD. Matsakis (USNO)2009/05/30PDF
143 kbytes
WGTAI/09-03Status report of AStar-SGAStar-SG2009/05/30PDF
16 kbytes
WGTAI/09-04Report on the answers to the questionnaire on the leap second issued by the BIPME.F. Arias (BIPM)2009/05/31PDF
136 kbytes
WGTAI/09-05Improvement in TW time links treatmentA. Harmegnies, G. Panfilo (BIPM)2009/06/02PDF
118 kbytes
WGTAI/09-06Calibration of UTC Time Links - PresentationBIPM2009/07/02PDF
15 kbytes
WGTAI/09-07Comparisons between time transfer techniques and methods - PresentationZ. Jiang (BIPM)2009/07/02PDF
462 kbytes
WGTAI/09-08GLONASS Time transfer - PresentationBIPM2009/07/02PDF
45 kbytes
WGTAI/09-09Status report on TAI - PresentationE.F. Arias (BIPM)2009/07/02PDF
476 kbytes
WGTAI/09-10Improvements in TAI computation - Data collection and checking - PresentationA. Harmegnies (BIPM)2009/07/02PDF
146 kbytes
WGTAI/09-11Multi-technique combination for UTC/TAI time/frequency transfers - PresentationZ. Jiang and G. Petit (BIPM)2009/07/02PDF
300 kbytes
WGTAI/09-hotelsList of hotelsBIPM2009/03/05PDF
18 kbytes
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