– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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WGMRA working documents (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
WGMRA/MRA-01Guideline 1 - Classification of services in Time and FrequencyCCTF WGMRA2014/12/09PDF
13 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-02Guideline 2 - The estimation of uncertainties for T&F CMC entriesCCTF WGMRA2014/12/09PDF
66 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-03Guideline 3 - The uncertainty interpolation for T&F CMC entriesCCTF WGMRA2014/12/09PDF
70 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-04Guideline 4 - Uncertainty in frequencyCCTF WGMRA2014/12/09PDF
137 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-05Guideline 5 - The prediction uncertainty of [UTC - UTC(k)]CCTF WGMRA2015/10/12PDF
458 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-06Guideline 6 - Requirements for participation in the computation of UTC at the BIPMCCTF WGMRA2017/08/31PDF
92 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-07Guideline 7 - Participation in the ongoing key comparison in time CCTF - K001.UTCCCTF WGMRA2015/10/12PDF
7 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-08Guideline 8 - Requirements for the time laboratories for the participation in UTCCCTF WGMRA2017/08/31PDF
90 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-09Guideline 9 - CCTF criteria for obtaining traceability in time and frequencyCCTF WGMRA2017/08/31PDF
64 kbytes
WGMRA/MRA-10CCTF - WGMRA Time and Frequency Supplementary Guide for Appendix B and C of CIPM MRA. CCTF WGMRA2017/10/25PDF
264 kbytes
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