– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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JCGM-WG1 working documents (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
JCGM-WG1/-SC5-N12-14bAmended report on the GUM Online Survey.W. Bich 2012/11/27PDF
33 kbytes
JCGM-WG1/-SC5-N12-15JCGM Survey (GUM) - Collated responsesW. Kool 2012/07/19PDF
1867 kbytes
JCGM-WG1/-SC5-N16-08bFinal responses to NMI comments on JCGM 100 CD.JCGM-WG12016/09/09PDF
731 kbytes
JCGM-WG1/-SC5-N16-09bFinal responses to MO comments on JCGM 100 CD.JCGM-WG12016/09/09PDF
1525 kbytes
(GUM revision)
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