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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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GAWG working documents (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
GAWG/WS18-01Agenda of the workshopPaul Brewer2018/11/20PDF
413 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-02Calibration strategy for CO2 isotope measurements by FTIREdgar Flores2018/11/20PDF
2123 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-03Primary standard gas mixtures containing 10 μmol/mol O2 in N2Takuya Shimosaka2018/11/20PDF
2237 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-04Physical adsorption loss of primary standard gas mixtures in cylinders using cylinder-to-cylinder divisionSangil Lee2018/11/20PDF
9217 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-05NIST standards for measurement, instrument calibration and quantification of gaseous atmospheric compoundsJennifer Carney2018/11/20PDF
859 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-07CENAM gas standardsJorge Koelliker Delgado2018/11/20PDF
2353 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-08CO2 measurements by NDIR for seawaterMichela Sega2018/11/20PDF
2635 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-09Particle number concentration measurementsPaul Quincey2018/11/20PDF
153 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-10Ozone absorption cross-section review and consensus valueJoële Viallon2018/11/20PDF
1451 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-11Low-cost gas sensors used for environmental monitoringKai Fu Ming2018/11/20PDF
2958 kbytes
GAWG/WS18-12One-step preparation of gravimetric CO2 standards in 29-L cylindersBrad Hall2018/11/20PDF
675 kbytes
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