– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCL-WG working documents (Open access)
 FileTitleAuthorLatest updateFile type/ size
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-1Running of MRA comparisons in length metrology and monitoring their impact on CMCs V6.9A. Lewis2015/10/27WORD
276 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-2CCL comparison schemeA. Lewis2011/09/07PDF
30 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-3Guide to preparation of Key Comparison Reports in Dimensional Metrology v1.3Andrew Lewis2014/01/14WORD
94 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-3.1Technical protocol templateA. Lewis2014/11/14WORD
1283 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-3.2Report templateA. Lewis2014/11/14WORD
197 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-3.2bTemplate bilateral report2015/10/27WORD
88 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-3.3Executive Report Template2014/03/31WORD
538 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-4KC planning V1.39A.Lewis2017/10/25EXCEL
251 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-GD-5Guide to formatting CMC entries v22015/09/29WORD
87 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA-LFComparison Log File Template2013/10/17EXCEL
59 kbytes
CCL-WG/-MRA/GD-F-1Form for publication of final report in Metrologia`s Technical supplement.2015/05/18WORD
46 kbytes
CCL-WG/-S-GD-1CCL Strategy Document v. 2014-02-262014/02/27PDF
1478 kbytes
CCL-WG/-S-GD-1bCondensed CCL Strategy document 2016WG S2017/06/13PDF
420 kbytes
(WG-MRA, WG-N, WG-S meeting docs.)
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