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Rapport BIPM-2007/07
Bilateral comparison of 10 V standards between the VNIIM (Russia) and the BIPM, August to October 2007 (part of the ongoing BIPM key comparison BIPM.EM-K11.b)
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A. S. Katkov, S. Solve, M. Stock

Abstract. As a part of the ongoing BIPM key comparison BIPM.EM-K11.b, a comparison of the 10 V voltage reference standards of the BIPM and the Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM), St. Petersburg, Russia, was carried out from August to Octover 2007. A Zener-diode based travelling standard was calibrated by the Josephson voltage standards of both institutes. The comarison measurement sequence was VNIIM - BIPM - VNIIM. The travelling standard (Fluke 732B - S/N 7590806) was provided by VNIIM and was transported by hand.

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