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Rapport BIPM-2004/16
Absolute frequency measurement of the b10 component of the R(106) 28-0 transitions in 127I2 at lambda = 543 nm
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Ma L.S., Picard S., Zucco M., Chartier J.-M., Robertsson L., Balling P., Kren P., Qian J., Liu Z., Shi C., Viliesid Alonso M., Xu G., Tan S.L., Nyholm K., Henningsen J., Hald J., Windeler R.

Abstract. An absolute frequency measurement of the b10 component in the R(106) 28-0 transitions in 127I2 at 543 nm has been made at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. The mean frequency value found is f(b10) = 551 580 162 397.1 kHz, uc = 4.6 kHz for the current group of lasers.

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