– l'organisation intergouvernementale dont les États Membres agissent
en commun en ce qui concerne les sujets liés à la science des mesures
et aux étalons de mesure.
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Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique (AIEA)

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) works with its Member States and multiple partners worldwide to promote safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies.

The IAEA operates the IAEA/WHO SSDL system for traceable dosimetry in its Member States. It also produces a number of certified reference materials for chemical measurement (notably stable isotopes and heavy metals).


Formal relationship:
Links between the BIPM and the IAEA:

  • IAEA dosimetry standards are traceable to the BIPM.
  • The IAEA participates in all Sections of the CCRI, and in the CCQM.
  • The IAEA participates in RMO comparisons in dosimetry, and pilots some CCRI (II) comparisons, e.g. for activity measurements in environmental samples.
  • Dr David T. Burns of the BIPM Ionizing Radiation Department is a member of the IAEA Scientific Committee for Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics.

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