– l'organisation intergouvernementale dont les États Membres agissent
en commun en ce qui concerne les sujets liés à la science des mesures
et aux étalons de mesure.
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The BIPM organizes the international network of time links to compare local realizations of UTC in contributing laboratories and uses them in the calculation of TAI. The network of time links used by the BIPM is non-redundant and relies on observation of GNSS satellites and on two-way satellite time and frequency transfer (TWSTFT).

Monthly timelinks and their comparisons are computed by the BIPM Time Department and results can be found below. (For a better understanding of the files content and naming convention, you are invited to read the documentation.)

Resultats de transfer de temps (mensuels)

Results of monthly PPP solutions processed using NRCan can be obtained here.
Documentation can be found here.

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