– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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Official and explanatory texts

Official texts:

    Diplomatic documents of the Metre Conference 1875:
      Minutes of the sessions of the diplomatic conference and of the Commission spéciale du mètre prior to the signature of the Convention, 1875 version of the Metre Convention, Annexed Regulations and dispositions transitoires.

    Metre Convention and Annexed Regulations:
      Certified copy of manuscript (in French)

    Metre Convention and Annexed Regulations:
      Authoritative French text, with English translation

    Concession Convention: (in French)
      Agreement by which the French Government granted at no charge the Pavillon de Breteuil and surrounding land for the operation of the BIPM.
      It was concluded in 1875 and amended in 1930 (to extend the granted land) and 1964 (to clarify the conditions of use by the BIPM).

    Headquarters Agreement: (in French)
      Agreement by which the French Government recognized privileges and immunities to the BIPM including the legal personality of the BIPM (Art. 1), the inviolability of its premises (Art. 3), and the facilitation of the admittance and stay on the French territory of persons involved in the work of the BIPM during the time of their functions or mission with the BIPM (Art. 10), e.g. Member States' delegates to the CGPM, CIPM members, staff members.
      It was concluded in 1969, and completed and updated in 2005 (inviolability of BIPM Archives, jurisdiction and execution immunities) and 2007 (exceptions to the jurisdiction immunity).

Explanatory texts: