– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU)

The International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) was established in 1925 by the International Congress of Radiology. Since its inception, it has had as its principal objective the development of internationally acceptable recommendations concerning:

  1. quantities and units of radiation and radioactivity;
  2. procedures suitable for the measurement and application of these quantities in diagnostic radiology, radiation therapy, radiation biology, and industrial operations; and
  3. physical data needed in the application of these procedures, the use of which tends to assure uniformity in reporting.

Links between the BIPM and the ICRU:

  • The ICRU was an instigator of the Ionizing Radiation Department at the BIPM, as prior to this the ICRU had found it difficult to organize international comparisons of dosimetry without a centralized laboratory.
  • The ICRU participates in the CCRI and its all Sections, and the CCU.
  • The BIPM attends the annual meeting of the ICRU Main Commission. Dr David T. Burns of the BIPM's Ionizing Radiation Department is one of fourteen elected Commissionners of the ICRU and is chairman of its permanent Fundamental Quantities and Units Committee. He is also sponsor for a number of Report Committees of the ICRU.
BIPM contact(s):
ICRU contact(s):
  • Mr David A. Schauer, Executive Secretary
  • Ms Laura J Atwell, Assistant Executive Secretary